Mobility in Latin America

Depending on which academic career the student chooses (Research or Professional), mobility will be different as the fourth semester will be dedicated to a fieldwork or an internship with one of the non-academic associated partners. Then, students will have to write their master’s thesis in order to validate the semester and the Master.

Students who have chosen the Research Master’s degree will have to conduct a fieldwork. They will be supervised by a lecturer from either Universidad de Salamanca, Stockholms Universitet or Université Sorbonne Nouvelle and will also benefit from the advice of a co-supervisor from one of our partner universities in Latin America or in Belgium:

For those who have chosen the Professional Master’s degree, they will have to conduct an internship and then write a master’s thesis in the university of their thesis director. Here is the list of our non-academic partners:

    • AL LAS (Proyecto – Jefatura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de México) – Mexico