I'm currently in the last year of my undergraduate degree. Can I apply for the programme, even if I am not going to have the diploma and the transcript of records in time for the application deadline?

Yes, you can. If you are currently in the last year of your undergraduate degree you can include an official certificate from your university stating the date in which you’ll receive the final document (this date must be before August of 2020).

I’ve sent my application, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email.

Due to the amount of applications that we have to review, the confirmation email can take a moment to be sent. If after a week you haven’t received the confirmation, you can send an email to laglobe@sorbonne-nouvelle.fr in order to validate your application.

What are the language requirements?

All applicants must be fluent in Spanish, French and English, with the proper documentation by the time of the application. You’ll find the language requirements and diplomas here.

Is it possible to apply if I speak only one or two of the official languages of LAGLOBE?

Since at least one semester will be taught in each of our three official languages, applicants must be fluent in all of them.

What if I have another kind of language certificate that's not included in the official LAGLOBE list, can I apply either way?

The list that’s available in our website is the official one. For any other language certificate you need to contact our team at laglobe@sorbonne-nouvelle.fr

If I studied in a French, Spanish or British/American high school, do I need to have the language diploma?

If you completed at least one school year, you can be exempt. In this case you’ll need to include an official document for your school as proof.

I did my undergraduate studies in a french, English or Spanish speaking University, do I need to have the language diploma?

If you completed at least two semesters, you can be exempt. In this case you’ll need to include an official document for your university as proof.

I’m fluent in the three languages, but I don’t have the required diplomas, can I submit my application?

Due to the enrollment requirements in our university consortium it is necessary to present all the valid documentation.

How do you select the candidates?

The selection process has three stages:

  1. All valid applications enter a pre-selection process.
  2. The pre-selected candidates will have a video-interview with our Selection Committee.
  3. After this interview, the final selection will take place.
When will I know the results?

The results of our scholarship process pre-selection will be announced in late February early March 2020.

I applied to the scholarship program but I was not selected, can I re-apply as a self-funded student?

Our scholarship program is a highly competitive process and if you were not selected it doesn’t mean that your application is not suited for our Master.
In this case, there’s two possible scenarios:

  1. The Selection Committee can give you the chance to re-apply as a self-funded student (by changing some aspects of your application, for ex. your research project)
  2. The Selection Committe can immediately garantee you a spot as a self-funded student without the need to re-apply.
I was selected for the program as a scholarship holder/self-funded student. What happens now?

Our team will contact you soon.
If you need to apply for a visa, our team will give you the necessary documentation.

How will pay for my international insurance?

For scholarship holders, the insurance is included in the scholarship.
For the self-funded students, the insurance is included in the scholarship fees.

When will the Master begin?

Our program begins during the third week of september in the city of Salamanca (Spain).

Which are the stages of the Master's mobility path?

LAGLOBE’s mobility has two main stages:

  1. The mandatory mobility, the first semester in Salamanca (Spain), the second semester in Stockholm (Sweden) and the third semester in Paris (France).
  2. For the fourth semester mobility, the student will have to choose a thesis advisor and reside in the same city of the advisor’s university. Also during the fourth semesters, students must do a 3 month mandatory mobility with one of our associated partners in Latin America or Europe.
I speak one of LAGLOBE's official languages, can I do my mobility only in one of the Consortium's universities?

LAGLOBE has a mandatory mobility path that includes a semester in the three Consortium universities.

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